Great Northern Adventure Signature Package

Great Northern Adventure Signature Package

Great Northern Adventure Signature Package

Trip Details:

Operator:   Tundra North Tours
Price From: 4,600 CAD
Ideal Age Range: 19 to 30, 31 to 50, Over 51
Fitness Needs: Moderately Fit
Program duration: 5 days
Trip Dates: 14-06-2019,12-07-2019,17-07-2019,23-08-2019

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About this program

Venture to the Arctic North of Canada and discover the magic! Experience the local cultures, customs, traditions, landscapes, wildlife and much more. With some of the most stunning National parks, exciting cultural displays and adventures to be had, the Arctic tundra will offer memories to carry with you through life!

Look forward to exciting adventures such as: 

  • Discovering Dawson City – a once gold rush mecca
  • Visit an active Inuit Whaling Camp on the Mackenzie Delta
  • Explore the Arctic Coastal Community, Tuktoyaktuk
  • Visit a sled-dog kennel and learn about dog sledding
  • Indulge in local flavors at a “Taste the Arctic” Cultural Dinner
  • Drive the infamous Dempster Highway

There are so many adventures to be had, as well as so much to learn as you discover the land of the midnight sun. 



Day 1:

Catch your morning flight from Dawson to Inuvik, where your guide will meet you. From here you will be taken on a unique and informative tour to visit the sled-dog kennels and learn from a local musher about the dogs and what it takes to successfully train sled dogs.

After the dog kennel tour, you will experience a Town Tour of Inuvik which will teach you about the history and culture that immerses this northern community. This also includes a tour within the world famous Igloo Church. After this tour, you will be taken to your hotel to check-in.

The rest of the evening is for you to explore all the unique areas Inuvik has to offer.

Day 2:

Wake up and enjoy breakfast and coffee. You have an exciting day ahead, and in the early morning you will depart Inuvik and travel by boat to Tuktoyaktuk.

This spectacular boat tour will take you through the second largest delta in the world, the famed ‘Mackenzie River Delta’ and the entire natural splendor! Your first stop along the way will be a visit to a bush camp where you will get a taste of the way of life here. Later, you will continue by boat on the exciting journey as you venture through majestic scenery, past creeks and channels, watching for and spotting unique wildlife along the waterway!

Shortly after the Mackenzie River meets the Arctic Ocean, we will stop at a traditional Inuvialuit whaling camp where your local Inuvialuit host will speak about the history of the traditional culture, and about their way of life today. During this unique and informative tour, you will see the tools and infrastructure needed for people to live along the Arctic Coast and survive off the land above the tree line. Later you will enjoy a traditional meal prepared by your host, as you learn how it was harvested and prepared. The phenomenal immersion into culture continues while stories are passed down, and you have a chance to view artifacts that are part of Inuvialuit heritage.

Next, you will continue by boat across the Arctic Ocean from the whaling camp, onwards to Tuktoyaktuk, where you will see the Pingos – famed landmarks made of surreal geographical formations. Keep your camera handy as you can also watch for beluga whales along the way! Upon arrival at the Tuk Harbor, your local guide will meet you. Here you will learn about the rich cultural history of this Inuvialuit community and how they are connected to the landscape, as you visit the DEW line, walk on a Pingo, see an old traditional sod house, and then dip your toes or take a swim in the Arctic Ocean to earn your official ‘Arctic Ocean Certificate!

After this unforgettable tour, you will be shuttled to the airport for your flight back to Inuvik, where you will fly over the majestic Mackenzie Delta and Arctic Tundra to Inuvik. Once you have arrived in Inuvik you will be shuttled back to your hotel for the evening and a good night’s rest.

Day 3:

This is your free day to explore the magic of Inuvik and all it has to offer. Come 6 pm you will be shuttled to experience your ‘Taste the Arctic’ Cultural Dinner. You will start with a tour of the largest most northern greenhouse in the world.

Learn about the history of the greenhouse, the impact of 24-hour daylight on the plants, and about the impact, it has on this northern community! Following you will have the opportunity to sample the food that is harvested from the land, and to learn about the Inuvialuit history, their way of life and the rich culture held by the Inuvialuit.

After that, you will get another Cultural experience, such as Traditional Dance, Traditional Works shops, or Cultural Display depending on the Dates Chosen. After your evening filled with arctic and aboriginal cultural, you will be shuttled back to your hotel.

Day 4:

Wake up and enjoy the morning coffee as you will be departing Inuvik at 8 am for your tour and an epic drive on the Dempster Highway, NT to Eagle Plains. This is an exciting excursion as we'll be crossing both the Mackenzie and Peel Rivers by ferry and will be making stops in the Gwich'in Communities of Siigehtchic and in Fort McPherson to experience their Visitors Centre, as well as to visit the graves of the lost patrol. This drive is full of sights and unique terrain, rich with history and culture, so keep your cameras ready!

As we continue on the adventure, our next stops include the NWT/Yukon border and then to the Arctic Circle, and the stunning scenery which abounds. Here is a great photo opportunity to capture the towering monuments and share the scenes with your friends as you later tell the tale of driving the famous Dempster Highway to the Arctic Circle! You'll arrive at your accommodations for the evening at Eagle Plains, YT.

Day 5:

Wake up to another fresh Arctic morning! You'll be departing Eagle Plains at 8 am, continuing along the Dempster Highway with more breathtaking views of the Ogilvie and Richardson Mountains and a stop at beautiful Tombstone Territorial Park. Here is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique wilderness found here, as you explore rugged peaks, permafrost landforms and abundant wildlife, all of which are an integral part of the rich First Nations culture that has called this land home for generations. You will arrive in Dawson City, Yukon around 6pm for the evening.

The evening is when Dawson City erupts with energy. Visit any of the local saloons, or try your hand at a game of cards at the oldest Casino in Canada, Diamond Tooth Gerties. Make sure not to miss the Can Can girls performance which happens three times a night at the famed Casino. If you plan on staying another night in Dawson make sure to enjoy a town tour and visit the dome that over-looks the Yukon River and Dawson City. Note: Dates and activities are subject to change.

Country Fast Facts


Continent:North America
Official Language(s)English, French
Population36,048,521 (2016 estimate)
Climate(s)Arctic, Sub-arctic, Semi-Arid Desert, Temperate Rainforest, Humid Continental
Major Airport(s):Lester B. Peason International Airport (YYZ), Vancouver International Airport (YVR), Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL), Calgary International Airport (YYC)
Economic Driver(s):Fossil Fuels, Mining, Manufacturing, Agriculture

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