Haunted Hotels to Get in the Halloween Spirit

Vancouver, BC | Posted: October 26th, 2018

Haunted Hotels

Halloween is just around the corner, and some of us try to keep that spirit going as long as possible! Dark Tourism is becoming a less obscure thought.  As more attention is drawn to it through Netflix shows, travel bloggers and the like, more people seem to be seeking out the weird and wonderful when they travel.

This can be through visiting famous towns and cities with dark pasts, seeking out haunted hotels and other sites, and many other destinations that give a traveller chills! In our searches, we have come across some haunted hotels that we couldn’t wait to share with you. Pack your bags; you’re in for a scare!

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

stanley hotel

Photo Credit: Stanley Hotel

This hotel was made the most popular by the Stephen King novel The Shining.  This particular hotel inspired the book, and the strange experiences guests, including King, have been privy to. Many guests have claimed to experience inexplicable cold drafts, flickering lights, and doors that open and close on their own. Also, staff members have made claims of 4 or more spirits that have been spotted the rooms and hallways. If you’re in the area over Halloween, as of today, the hotel still has availability starting around $329 USD per night!

The Marshall House, Savannah, Georgia

The Marshall House, Savannah

Photo Credit: Howard Lifshitz

Savannah, Georgia is well regarded as one of the most haunted cities in the USA. It has a long history reaching back to the Civil War and beyond, and The Marshall House is no exception. The hotel was built in 1851 after Mary Marshall discovered a growing need for accommodations in the city of Savannah, and was the woman behind a number of Savannah hotels. Guests have reported that the hotel holds the spirits of Civil-War era spirits, past patients from the hotel’s history as a hospital. Reports state that there have been ghosts spotted in the hallways, taps have mysteriously turned on and off, and many other oddities!

Battery Carriage House, Charleston, South Carolina

Battery Carriage House Inn

Photo Credit: Battery Carriage House Inn

Down South, you can visit the coastal town of Charleston, South Carolina and for a real scare, stay at the Battery Carriage House. The hotel is well-known as the most haunted hotel in the city and has been reported to be the home to several ghosts. As history may have it, the hotel may have been originally a residence to the famed “Gentleman Ghost” who apparently took his life by jumping from the roof. As a visitor to Charleston, you can always join the Charleston Ghost Walking Tour, and have the opportunity to stay the night at Battery Carriage House, in one of the most haunted rooms, Room 8 or Room 10! Are you brave enough?

Place d’Armes, New Orleans, Louisiana

Place d'Armes New Orleans

Photo Credit: Haunted Nation

Built on the site of a school that burned down in 1788, the Place d’Armes is a historical gem in New Orleans. While the city is no stranger to spirits, the Place d’Armes is reportedly one of the most spiritually active sites in the French Quarter. Some guests have claimed to see a man with a beard, with one guest even reporting to have had a conversation with him! Ooof! Do you have the guts? We dare you!



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